Travelling to a new country as a student is very exciting and brave, but it can also feel overwhelming and frightening. That’s why our number one goal with our student travellers is to make sure they feel safe and secure when they book and travel with us.


All sorts of situations occur, whether that’s a flight being delayed, long queues at customs and biosecurity, or perhaps a language barrier – but we’re fully prepared to take on any situation.

Individual and group arrivals travel with us.


We put in a lot of time and effort to understand cultures from all over the world. In fact, it’s a favourite part of what we do here. Our team has catered to international students from all over the world – from Colombia to Norway – and that experience makes all the difference when arriving in a new country.

From the minute our students touch down in our beautiful Aotearoa, they receive 5-star treatment – even if they’re on a student budget! Our drivers greet everyone with a welcoming smile, and pull out all the tour guide stops as they head to their destination. Their goal is to help the students familiarise themselves with the local area so it’s not so overwhelming – telling them about all the local favourite shops, parks (some of the best in NZ might we add), cafes, and attractions so they’ll start to feel comfortable in their new home – no matter how long they’re staying.

There’s nothing like an enthusiastic driver who’s passionate about their own backyard wanting to share all their local knowledge and sometimes the best kept secrets in town!

Senior delegates from foreign universities travel with us to see the sights and meet with academic staff.

Working With The Local Universities

We’ve been travel buddies with our local universities for years and this partnership works both ways. They know we’ll take care of their students, and they rely on us to do the job; to go the extra mile making sure the students are well cared for. And we appreciate the help and assistance they’ve provided over the years to make sure we get it right every time. Insights into the different aspects of a student’s culture allows us to do what we do to the best of our ability.

We also sometimes partner up with other international students who work with us as translators when we need them to. It makes all the difference when you’re new to a county to have someone who can assist with that all important language barrier,

Students who have just arrived feel immediately at ease when they know communication isn’t a problem. We know that feeling when you’re trying to communicate in a different country, and you don’t yet know the language. It can be incredibly daunting so we’re here to help students as they start their new journey in a positive way. That might be having a female driver transport a female student (especially late at night) or having our wonderful translators on hand when we need them. First impressions really do count and that’s why we go above and beyond to make sure every student has an amazing first, second (and beyond) experience with us.

Welcome Home

We’ve also become involved with English Language Partners New Zealand and Christchurch Resettlement Services to connect refugees and migrants with their communities via English classes and exercise classes.


You know that feeling when people ask you your why? Our why is helping others connect with others – making sure they feel cared for and safe. It’s more than just transport to us; we love our home, and we want to make sure those who arrive here from different countries feel right at home the minute they get here. We don’t know who enjoys that experience more, us or them. Let’s just say it’s both!

We have been using NZ Look Shuttles for many years now for new students that arrive from developing countries to commence their study at Lincoln University. Heather and Tim go out of their way to welcome them, which really reassures us as these students are sometimes quite vulnerable. They deliver them right to their accommodation door (even after hours). They are incredibly flexible and are always there for our precious people - never miss a beat, day or night. Utterly reliable and super-friendly!

Sue, Lincoln University

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