UC students - welcome to Canterbury!

We run a complementary service to your accommodation, which you must arrange via the accommodation office.

Here's your step by step guide.


It might seem like a no-brainer, but you need to collect ALL of  your luggage after leaving the plane.

If your bag appears to be missing, or you leave any items on the plane, you'll need to find the airline desk who can assist.

This can take considerable time, so send us a quick email advising you'll be a few extra minutes and we'll happily wait.


If you've arrived on an international flight, you'll need to process through customs.

Please note, New Zealand has strict biosecurity laws and you'll need to declare most food items, and any items used with animals, or items such as camping gear, hiking shoes, bikes, kayaks, etc.

For more information, see what MPI says.


Make your way towards the Vodafone Kiosk, located at the international end of the airport.

If you've arrived on an international flight, it will be right in front of you as you walk through the arrival doors.

If you've arrived on a domestic or regional flight, you'll need to walk to the international end - it's only about a 2-minute walk.

Your driver will be standing nearby, holding a sign that says 'UNIVERSITY OF CANTERBURY'. See images below.


Please note: the staff at the Vodafone Kiosk will not be able to assist you. It's simply a highly visible meeting point.

Vodafone Kiosk at Christchurch International Airport.

Vodafone kiosk at Christchurch Airport

The sign your driver will be holding.

NZ Look Shuttles UC greeting sign

You will be automatically scheduled for the first shuttle that departs after your scheduled flight arrival time.

If you miss your flight, or it is cancelled, please email hello@nzlookshuttles.co.nz asap so we can reschedule your transfer.

We track ALL flights, so we'll know if your plane is just running late. 



If your flight arrives at 9.30am, you'll be allocated to the 10am shuttle.

If your 9.30am flight is delayed until 10:00am or later, you'll be automatically re-allocated to the 12pm shuttle.


If you miss your plane, or it's cancelled, you need to notify us ASAP. How else will we know when you're arriving?




10:00am departure

Meet at 9:50am


12:00pm departure

Meet at 11:50am


14:00pm departure

Meet at 13:50pm 


16:00pm departure

Meet at 15:50pm


18:30pm departure

Meet at 18:20pm


We only send a driver when we're expecting passengers.

So if you don’t notify us of any changes, and you arrive for a later shuttle, a driver might not be there.

Shuttles will run at the scheduled times ONLY for students known to be arriving. 

For flights arriving between 18:30pm and 07:00am

A shuttle driver will be there for when your plane lands.

For domestic and regional flights: your driver will attempt to meet you at the luggage claim. Look for the same sign as above. If you can't find the driver, proceed to the Vodafone Kiosk, take a seat and wait.

For international flights: please proceed towards the Vodafone Kiosk once you clear customs and have your luggage.


We get it - flights are cancelled, people miss flights, customs can take FOREVER, bags go missing and many other things can go wrong. But our drivers can be very resourceful if they know there's an issue. 


If you're stuck in a long customs queue - send us a quick email so we know you could be a while.

If the airline loses your bag - send us a quick email so we know you could be a while.

If you miss a flight connection - send us a quick email with your new arrival details (date and flight number) so we know when you'll actually be arriving (and your poor driver isn't left waiting at the airport for someone who won't be arriving).

If you can't find your driver - send us a quick email, and we'll help you find them.