sending a package?

Know that it’s actually going to get there, in one piece.

"Thanks for moving our bits ad pieces! We couldn't do it without you."

Small business - Christchurch, NZ.

What makes us unique?

When it travels with us, it’s door to door. 

Our drivers are properly licensed, fit & proper people.

They’re real people who are professional, friendly, respectful and discreet.

There’s no ‘one-fare-fits-all’. 

We provide a quote for every trip, because every package is different.

24/7, 365 days a year.

We’re friendly and like to make life easy for you.

All bookings must be made in advance of travel.

We have expert knowledge of Christchurch and Selwyn, so your package will arrive quickly and in tact.

We have clean vehicles that can take all sorts of packages.

There’s also ample room that’s protected from the elements, including for oversized items.