Specialists in healthcare travel

When you’re traveling for your health, we know how important it is to be on time and in the right spot. 

"I think your work is amazing and you are always there to support the last-minute issues as they arise."

Office Manager, Transport company.

premium service

Tailored transfers

Our tailored service will meet your exact needs: Airport to accommodation, hospital and treatment appointments. Drivers are directly accessible and ready to action changes as they come up.

health specialists

We know that things change quickly. And when you're traveling, that can mean missing crucial healthcare needs. We're used to the many hospitals and clinics around Christchruch.

private and discreet

Your health is important and the care you receive doesn't need to stop just because you're on the move. We understand the need for privacy and discretion so you and any support people get our very best.

giving you confidence

Isn't it a time-saver when the person meeting you just knows what you need and where you're going? A familiar face each time you travel is reassuring and creates relationships that give you confidence. Our clients know that we're ready when they are.


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