How’s your German? According to the Christchurch Airport report for April, if your business is in tourism and in New Zealand, it might pay to learn a few words with incoming visitors from the European giant up 17.5% in April.

With Winter arriving in a hurry, it was great to read that there’s significant growth in visitors arriving into Christchurch from around the world. I’d hazard a guess we can expect a further increase over the next few months, as energetic tourists arrive in droves to take on the South Island winter and all it has to offer.


 Here are some of the incoming stats:

Aussies up 28%

Brits up 26.1%

Singapore up 33.1%

Germany up 17.5%

India up 9.5%


The other interesting note is Domestic passenger movements. The total increased, just, by 1.6%. Credit for this appears to be regional passengers with the mainland trunk declining by -0.4%


As the cold hits, are Kiwi’s not flying as much or is there some other reason? Tell us what you think!


You can read the full Christchurch Airport report over on their company page on LinkedIn.


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