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Back and forth from the airport is what we do, and we know you just want to get there – wherever there is!

It’s rare that we’re late or miss a pickup, but we can’t control planes or traffic (as much as we’d like to!). Here are some helpful tips for finding us when you arrive.




Your driver will be there when your plane lands.

For domestic and regional flights

  • Your driver will attempt to meet you at the luggage claim.
  • Look for the sign pictured below. Let the luggage claim area clear of passengers, then if you can’t see your driver, make your way to Door 1 at the Regional end of the terminal and wait INSIDE. There is seating, food/drinks and facilities available here.
  • Send a text to Heather advising where you are waiting. Phone: +64278877701

For international flights

  • Collect your luggage and process through customs and biosecurity.
  • Your driver will wait in the arrival hall.
  • Look for the sign pictured below.
  • If you can’t find your driver, send a text to Heather advising where you are waiting. Phone: +64278877701
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tell us when things change

  • We only send a driver when we’re expecting passengers.
  • If you miss your plane, or it’s cancelled, you need to notify us ASAP. 
  • Our email is and there is FREE WIFI in most airport terminals.
  • We track ALL flights, so we’ll know if your plane is just running late.
  • If you don’t notify us of any changes, and you arrive on a different flight or on a different day, a driver might not be there. 


Email us as soon as you know there is a delay.

We get it:

  • Flights are cancelled
  • People miss flights
  • Customs can take FOREVER
  • Bags go missing

Our drivers can be very resourceful if they know there’s an issue, but if we don’t know, we can’t help. 

in case it's not obvious


  • It might seem like a no-brainer, but you need to collect ALL of  your luggage after leaving the plane.
  • If your bag appears to be missing, or you leave any items on the plane, you’ll need to find the airline desk who can assist.
  • This can take considerable time, so send us a quick email advising you’ll be a few extra minutes and we’ll happily wait.


  • If you’ve arrived on an international flight, you’ll need to process through customs.
  • Please note, New Zealand has strict biosecurity laws and you’ll need to declare most food items, and any items used with animals, or items such as camping gear, hiking shoes, bikes, kayaks, etc.
  • For more information, see what MPI says.

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